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        JSI Group Ltd. is located in Hong Kong China which mainly engage in business of Agricultural products (Grains, seeds), Pesticide (Herbicide, Fungicide and Insecticide), Fertilizer, Fine chemicals. We are young but professional on Agricultural area, especially for Pesticide. The civilization of JSI GROUP LIMITED is Healthy、Enjoyably、Efficiently Jadesheen Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, the member of JSI Group Ltd., it's fully invested by JSI Group Ltd. in Jiading Industrial zone of Shanghai, and it has the branch office in downtown of Shanghai, Jadesheen Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is mainly with responsibility for the Pesticide TC researching, R & D of Group, Marketing, Logistic & Storage, QC, Documentation on technology & business processing, Registration in worldwide, After sales service and manage all the group's purchasing in China mainland. There have Laboratory of synthesis & warehouse in Industrial zone and harbor of Shanghai.

        Jadesheen Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional Pesticide factory and also fully invested by JSI Group Ltd., it's mainly responsibility for Group's Pesticide production, the Investment & Manufacturing for Pesticide TC products, for Pesticide formulation, it mainly engage in production, re-packing for small package, labeling, R&D, recipe developing, QC, the workshop and warehouse are located in Jiangsu Province and it has branch office in Shanghai. Qinnong Chemtech(Shanghai ) Co., Ltd is a professional distributor in Pesticide area and fully invested by JSI Group Ltd., it mainly engage in domestic trading company service, Distribution in domestic market, Domestic farmer service, crop protection technology researching, the office is located in Shanghai and there have several sales branches and warehouse in Jiangsu Province, Shanghai, Shandong Province etc..We also have Operation Dept. Agricultural Dept. Fertilizer Dept. Fine Chemicals Dept. in Shanghai office, and Finance Center in HK .

        JSI Group Ltd. are in persistent pursuit of serve top rated clients by professional knowledge and common progress with them from the establishment. Strict quality management system, professional technical team, rich experience, advanced & acute business development ideas are the powerful guarantee to supply superior quality products and services. To the strongest areas of agricultural chemical, we are trying to serve our cooperative partners in developing new technical products , new formulations development and processing, small quantity trial order ,toll formulation services and re-pack for small package for exporting,professional registration documentation services,and supply samples for registration. At the same time we welcome consensus customers to develop our related strong industry together to common development.


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